Rubbermaid Healthcare

Newell Rubbermaid has involved The Scylla Group in large and small projects for several years now. Of those projects, Rubbermaid Healthcare (formerly Rubbermaid Medical Solutions) has been the largest and widest-reaching. We began with an overhaul of the original Rubbermaid Medical Solutions site, it was out-dated and needed an update. The site was redesigned to reach out to RMS’ core customers and demonstrate the comprehensiveness of their product lines for medical facilities. In 2012, Rubbermaid Medical Solutions became Rubbermaid Healthcare and so the site was updated to reflect the new company name, new branding, and an updated design. Throughout these updates, I was responsible for developing the front-end of the site (built on a SharePoint back-end).

Rubbermaid Healthcare has also worked with The Scylla Group on several important marketing initiatives. When new products are released, such as the CareLink Mobile Nurse Station in 2013, new content is created for the site.